Frequently Asked Questions

No. This school covers only Rudimental Drumming, but the tools taught here can be applied to the drum set.

Absolutely. All skill levels of drumming can join the School of Super Drumming. Check out the Super Drummers Skill Chart on the home page to help guide you in figuring out where you stand with your skill level.

Yes. The School of Super Drumming has a short course breaking down everything you need to know and understand about reading and understanding timing, rhythms, and note values.

No. That content is reserved for members in the Super Drummers Boot Camp. If you’re interested in improving your speed, endurance, and overall chops, you should head over to:

Yes. You can access this school via mobile phone/tablets. Be sure to check with your service provider if you’re accessing this course using data. 

Yes. You’ll have 7 days within the purchasing date to request a refund, but make sure you check the terms of service for more details about the refund policy.

Yes. You can cancel your membership at anytime, but you must do so before the next payment lapse. You’ll have 7 days within each renewal cycle to cancel for a full refund, but make sure you check the refund policy on the terms of service page. 

It depends on what kind of content is being released. Usually, you’ll see the month of release under a certain category of topics, or you will get an email notification that new content has been released for you to check out.

If you have any other questions that aren’t listed here, you can contact us at